The Body Workshop - Physiotherapy & Acupuncture

From Exercise Equipment to Rehab Gear

We stock a wide range of select products to help you train, rehab, recover, and stay healthy.
If you need some advice about what's the best option for you, just ask one of our therapists next time you visit.

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K Tape

Exercise Equipment

Foam rollers, swiss balls/posture balls, ankle/wrist weights, balance boards, theraband, pilates mats, shoulder pulleys, dumbbells, massage balls etc

K Tape

Tape & Bandages

Rigid 38mm sports tape, kinesio tape (K-tape), coban, posturepals, underwrap, tubigrip etc


Comfort & Support

Lumbar rolls, cushions & wedges, memory foam contoured pillows etc

Cold Pack

Hot & Cold Therapy

Heat patches, cold packs, wheat bags, hot rub, ice bags etc

Massage Wax

Rubs & Creams

Anti-Flamme, hot rub, massage wax & lotion etc

Massage Wax

Braces & Supports

A wide range of braces & supports for all kinds of injuries and all kinds of training. If you're not sure about what you need, please ask one of our trained therapists - there are a lot of options to choose from and we can save you time and money.


Foot Care

A range of options for your feet, from orthotics and jandals to foot rollers and ankle supports.

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