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We aim to inspire, motivate and encourage all of our patients on their individual pathways to getting where they want to go and achieving their goals - from injury recovery to running a marathon, and everything in between!

Come on in and experience the difference... Your body and mind will both thank you for it!

The Body Workshop - Great People


Brendon Hooker

Managing Director
Acupuncturist / Herbalist

Brendon was the first person in New Zealand to hold both a Western Natural Medicine double diploma and an Eastern Oriental Medicine degree. He integrates the best of both these worlds, blending the Eastern tradition with Western Natural Medicine know-how.

Brendon has been involved in Women’s Health for years, including clinical trials for period pain and the use of acupuncture with IVF. Together with Mike, he heads up the TBW Women’s Health team.

Brendon’s underlying treatment principle is ‘finding balance’ and aims to not just help people feel better, but help them understand the reasons why they have arrived at their current health issue.

Brendon makes up one half of The Body Workshop Italian Motorcycle Club & Italian Coffee Machine Appreciation Society and has a love for music: from Deep House to Japanese Taiko drumming.


Julian Cloete

Senior Physiotherapist
Martial Arts Instructor

Julian practices with holistic techniques to treat all aspects of the body. His multi-modal physiotherapy practice is used to alleviate pain, correct dysfunctions and enhance physical performance while integrating mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing in the healing process. 

Julian’s treatment principle combines manual and manipulative therapy, movement rehabilitation and functional exercise training, kinesiology and muscle activation, craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation, Qi gong & kinesio-taping among more traditional modalities of physiotherapy.

Julian graduated with Honours in Physiotherapy in 2001 and migrated to NZ with his family in 2009 where he joined the TBW family. He has a strong interest in Tai Chi and Kung Fu and co-ordinates the NZ branch of Yang’s Martial Arts Association. 


Jake Griffiths


Jake has been heavily involved in sports from a young age, excelling at both Rugby and Lacrosse, where he represented New Zealand!

After a significant back injury, he decided to play it safe and instead became involved with helping and treating sports people; from the seasoned athlete to the weekend warrior, Jake can help you recover from injury or improve your game and fitness!

His excellent assessment techniques and ability to get a quick overview of where you are at, help to speed your treatment progress and recovery!

Jake is also a very proud father of his beautiful son, Manawanui!


Jasmine Jung


Jasmine is keen to provide not only treatments for what ails you, but also prevention of illness before it starts! She is fascinated by the body's ability to heal itself and passionate about enabling this process through the use of acupuncture.

Jasmine is an always curious and always questioning person, interested in a wide range of ideas & concepts, and uses this to advantage when getting to the core of any health issues she treats.

Jaz also believes in maintaining a healthy balance by appreciating long periods of restfulness (aka 'sleeping in on Saturday morning') after a hard week's work!

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Jonathon Wilton

Acupuncturist / Herbalist

Jonathon has a diverse background from being involved with stocks & finance to teaching Yoga, and also a whole lot in between!

Calm, thoughtful and very passionate about health, he is always looking to get to the root of patients' aches & pains, drawing from his skill in Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Tuina and also Qi Gong.

Jonathon originally hails from Dunedin and has enjoyed South Island skiing on many an occasion!
Always helpful and knowledgeable, you might be able to draw out some tips on slaloms through soft powder as well as health & lifestyle advice!


Kirsty Burrows


Kirsty was born and raised in Tauranga, and loves adventuring in the New Zealand wilderness.
She developed her interest in Physiotherapy when she had a few injuries when she was young, including a broken leg flinging off a Tarzan swing. She is fascinated by how Physiotherapy can help the body recover, and it has built her passion in human anatomy and biomechanics.

Kirsty has represented New Zealand in both Underwater Hockey and the Triathlon!
She's a water baby through and through, and loves time at the beach, appreciating the ocean as she swims like a fish through it...

Kirsty also loves helping others and has fantastic communication skills that help her provide treatment according to what you need, as well as what you want.

David Oh

David Oh

Acupuncturist / Herbalist

David arrived from Korea in 2017, and is loving being in New Zealand with his Wife and new Baby!

David studied both Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine for 5 years in Henan TCM University in ZhengZhou, China. And then had an internship at their affiliated hospital for 2 years after that - needless to say, he has been very well taught!

While in Korea, he completed 2 years compulsory military service, operating as a Border Soldier to the DMZ. David also has an extensive background in Martial Arts, practicing both Tae Kwon Do and Kendo to 1st Dan Black Belt level! The skills and dexterity learned are applied to his Acupuncture and Herbal treatments and enable him to offer you refined and in-depth treatment.


Pong Chau


Pong originally hails from Hong Kong, and came to New Zealand to study Physiotherapy in Auckland, where he fell in love with the NZ environment, atmosphere, and the friendly nature of the people, and lucky for us, he decided to stay!

Pong loves adventuring across NZ and has been taken to several different places over the last four years, as he is also a competitive athlete in Muay-Thai Kickboxing!

Having grown up playing basketball, football, rugby, and also dragon boating, Pong knows all about injuries, and these have helped to grow his passion for Physiotherapy and being able to return to the sports that he loves, stronger and fitter. 

Pong's competitive sporting background has helped him develop a great understanding of strength and biomechanics, which he utilises within his assessment and treatment to get people back to where they need to be and beyond!

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David Oh

Akane Goto


Akane hails from Akita, in North West Japan, and after graduating, opened up her own clinic in Tokyo, where she successfully treated a wide variety of conditions including Women's Health and Stress-related Nervous System Disorders. Akane aims to give patients an opportunity to discover a place of calm inside.

After hearing about TBW from one of our patients, she decided to apply to an advert and we jumped at the chance to have her working with us. Since moving to New Zealand with her two young daughters in 2019, she has loved every moment of being here - especially going to the Beach and eating NZ Oysters!


Sujin Park

Acupuncturist / Herbalist

Sujin is from Seoul in South Korea. She has lived in Auckland for more than 10 years, loves NZ and enjoys exploring the beaches and beauty in nature in her spare time!

She enjoys the philosophy and knowledge in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. Expanding on our own ideas of what creates our balance, and through holistic approach, healing both body & mind and finding the way to enjoy a harmonious life.

She has a friendly caring nature, loves learning and applying her knowledge to help treat people, and is excited to join the TBW Team!


Callum Sefo

Massage Therapist

Callum is taking over the reins from Cindy after meeting her high standards of approval!

As a professional Dancer with Black Grace for 4 years, Callum understands the demands and stresses of high level sports and performance on our bodies, and how Massage Therapy can assist to both treat and prevent injuries.

Callum has worked with a wide range of people, from those with postural issues from too much sitting at work, to the regular weekend warrior to the high performance Warriors League team! He will create a treatment session designed just for you, and help you understand your body as well as assist you achieve your goals.


Cindy Wilton

Massage Therapist

Cindy has been with The Body Workshop for many years, building connections based on professionalism, trust and solid, measurable results.

Cindy is such a wonderful human being, and a Loved member of our Team – always bringing smiles and inspiration with her!
Sadly, from October 2020, Cindy is moving to Morocco. We already miss her so much!
We wish her our very best in chasing her dreams and sharing her attitude of gratitude with another part of the world...

The Body Workshop - Great People


Andrew Graham


From pregnancy scans, to injuries like tendon ruptures, Andrew provides fast access to quality Ultrasound Services for our patients.
Andrew is an experienced Sonographer & the 'dark horse' in our quarter marathon race team!

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Receptionist / Admin Assistant

Hailing from the West Island, Kim brings a warm and super efficient quality to the Team. Able to organise multiple things on the fly and being very good with details, she keeps our busy clinic running smoothly with ease, and loves being part of helping Patients find wellness.
Perhaps born 10 years too late, Kim loves NZ almost as much as the 80's and John Farnham – which is high praise indeed!

Colin Wrennal

Colin Wrennal


Colin is a Counsellor, Family Therapist and Registered Psychotherapist (PBANZ) working from The Body Workshop on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Colin has been in practice since 1990 and works with individuals, groups and organisations in both the public and private health systems. For more information and to contact Colin please click the link here.